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3 Reasons to Choose Steam Cleaning

Everyone loves a spick and span space, whether in the home or workplace. A neat space also promotes overall health and well-being. In the workplace, it makes employees more productive. Here are the top 3 reasons to choose steam cleaning as the best cleaning technique.

1. Chemical Free

Steam cleaning is not based on using chemicals to clean the surface. Harsh chemicals can be detrimental to flooring. It can also cause smudges and streaks across the floor, leaving it looking dirty and grungy.
On the other hand, steam cleaning leaves a shine on the floor, promoting good health. Since no chemicals are involved, no compounds are being inhaled that can cause headaches or allergic reactions.

2. Versatile

Steam cleaning has many advantages. However, another reason to choose steam cleaning for your home or office is its versatility. Steam mops use high-temperature steam that disinfects and polishes surfaces. It leads to removing stubborn dirt and grime effectively.
Steam cleaning can be used to clean various kinds of flooring easily. This includes wood as well as other kinds of surfaces and upholstery. You can easily use steam cleaning for cabinets, stoves, carpets, handrails, and other things.

3. Effective

It has been found that steam cleaning is one of the most effective cleaning methods. It can kill almost 99% of bacteria on any kind of surface and removes the toughest kind of mould. Most steam cleaners operate at a temperature of 212 degrees Fahrenheit, which prevents mould from recurring. It is also effective against other kinds of pests and removes odours and bacteria easily.
If you are looking for professional home or commercial cleaning services in Cardiff, get in touch with us today. My Fixes has expert technicians for all kinds of cleaning and repair jobs.
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