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My Fixes Specialised Cleaning and Maintenance Services Giving Your Space a New Look and Feel My Fixes is one of the leading service providers in Cardiff to fulfill all your cleaning, home improvement, and building maintenance needs. Whether your home or office needs refreshing, we’re here to complete the job efficiently and with guaranteed satisfaction. We’re your trusted partner in keeping spaces pristine & functional with tailored solutions. Plus we hold the British Cleaning Certification Award BCCA.”

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“My Fixes Specialised Cleaning and Maintenance Services”

Address: 5 Risca Cl, St. Mellons, Cardiff CF3 0EE

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: 029 2019 3389

We are open from Saturday to Friday.

Business Hours:

Saturday: 09.00 Am To 06.00 Pm

Sunday:09.00 Am To 06.00 Pm

Monday: 09.00 Am To 06.00 Pm

Tuesday: 09.00 Am To 06.00 Pm

Wednesday: 09.00 Am To 06.00 Pm

Thursday: 09.00 Am To 06.00 Pm

Friday: 09.00 Am To 06.00 Pm

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